Job Opportunities



Responsible to: Chief Executive
Working with: CEO and all other members of YBDSA staff and members
Terms: Full-time – 40 hours per week permanent
Salary: £30,000 per annum
Pension: contributory by YBDSA. Option for staff member to make own additional contribution
Medical Insurance: details will be provided of the current scheme provision.
Travel: To provide own car. Mileage at 50p/mile will be paid for business use.


We are looking for someone who is a team player and happy to help out answering the telephone, helping with meetings at The Glass Works, and generally to get involved with the work of the Associations. Candidates will need to have knowledge of boats and the marine industry.


  • To extend and expand the range of training opportunities for members of the associations including the Certifying Authority, for those interested in becoming members, and those in allied professions.
  • To raise the public perception of the professional standing of yacht brokers and yacht surveyors by delivering a range of professional qualifications which support their knowledge and experience, and which are supported by an academic institution.


  • To develop qualification pathways for ABYA and YDSA to enhance their standing in the marine industry
  • To work within the budget as set on an annual basis
  • To discuss with the CEO any new projects or large expenditure items, for presentation to Council
  • To maintain a good working relationship with staff, members and other bodies within the training environment


  • Oversee the Training functions of the Association, working with staff, members, training bodies and consultants as appropriate
  • Develop the existing range of trainings offered by the Associations – conferences, training days (practical and theoretical) and visits including expanding the range of events available regionally in an annual, rolling programme
  • Work with Portsmouth University and the YDSA and ABYA committees to develop Qualification Pathways each for ABYA and YDSA with a view to offering Awards recognised by Portsmouth University – Certificates and Diplomas – plus Post Graduate options for those with first degrees, based on experience and practice within the workplace


  • Work with Portsmouth University “Learning for Life” scheme to develop the Qualification Pathways
  • Identify training opportunities from other sources (UK and worldwide) which have potential to provide learning options for the qualification pathway and work with Portsmouth University to assess these and include (or remove) as appropriate
  • Maintain an on-going programme of in-house training events
  • Work with the YBDSA Administrator to research and book venues, making appropriate arrangements for equipment, budgeting, arranging speakers, promulgation of information, etc.
  • Keep the website up to date with current events and provide new material as necessary to ensure it provides clear information for members and to the general public
  • Ensure the PR consultant is kept up to date with developments so any PR opportunities are maximised
  • Attend boat shows, conferences, AGM and other training events as required
  • Lead courses and events as required
  • Provide up-dates for the bi-monthly Association newsletter
  • Provide a report for the AGM on the year’s training activities
  • Report to the quarterly Council (management board) meetings on training activities
  • Provide expenditure proposals to the CEO and Council as necessary before proceeding


  • Knowledgeable about the UK training environment including development of qualifications
  • Experience of and within the marine industry (yachts and small commercial)
  • Confident at public speaking
  • Good working knowledge of Microsoft Windows on which the Association Client Relationship Management system is based (training will be provided)
  • Ability to write coherent copy

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