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YBDSA Newsletter August 2015

Welcome to the August issue

Exciting News! We have a stand at the Southampton International Boat Show 11-20 September. Stand no J001 in the Mayflower Hall. The stand is a small one, and the idea is to provide a meeting point and focus for Members, plus have our profile present within the show.

It will be jointly for ABYA and YDSA and we would be grateful for any offers to help with manning. Even an hour or two helps. There will be no boats for sale, but we will have a PC available so visitors can look at the boats offered by ABYA Members via the website, or find a broker or surveyor.

The brokers are reporting a very patchy situation, with no pattern of activity. There is a shortage of buyers and prices are very low, with sellers finding it hard to realise the value of their boat has dropped so far. However the surveyors seem to be very busy still, although they do have a wide variety of types of survey, not just pre-purchase. The cash situation in Greece is causing some problems to our members with operations there, but they report that listings are still coming in from Croatia and Turkey.

Members are advised to be alert for IT scams – there are many around at the moment with all professions and individuals being vulnerable. Everyone should ensure they have good firewalls and security in place on their pc and double-check by telephone any email changes made by clients for their veracity.

We are currently working on the two day Training, Members Dinner and AGMs for 26/27 November at the RNLI in Poole. There is some accommodation at the Training Centre, but there is plenty more accommodation in Poole if you don’t get in. We hope to have a good turnout so please put the dates in your diary if you haven’t already done so.

If you are having a summer holiday, I hope you enjoy it. Take the chance to relax and turn off your mobiles! See you at Southampton.

Jane Gentry
Chief Executive Officer of YBDSA, ABYA and YDSA

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