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YBDSA Newsletter December 2015

Welcome to the December issue

A bumper edition of our Newsletter for you to read over Christmas – thank you to all Members who contributed articles and information during the year.

Firstly, a big thank you to all the Members who came to the Training Days, Members’ Dinner and AGMs – it was a good turnout and Members were able to meet up with old friends and make new ones. The training day session led by Nick Ryley brought out a new enthusiasm for Members to work together to improve the experience of all the parties involved in the sales process – brokers and surveyors discussed the issues each has towards a better understanding of the other’s position. Surveyors were urged to ensure their surveys don’t appear as a message of doom and gloom, but ensure it is a balanced report identifying the key items of concern and grading the others so the buyer, particularly a first time buyer, understands what he is potentially taking on. The key message from the session was ‘managing expectations’ – of all parties.

Russell Kelly gave some key points about various legal issues including the changes to the Consumer Credit legislation and several of these will be followed up with advice for Members. Charlie Milligan from Sea-Avia gave an insight into shipping and customs which can involve Members from time to time, including through the ABYA Customs Warehouse Scheme run on behalf of HMRC. Martin Pittilo closed the day with a look at lighting and wide-angle lenses to enhance photographs so they more closely resemble what the eye sees.

The Dinner was held at the RNLI Lifeboat College and a number of guests and partners joined us for an evening of fellowship and fun!

The AGMs included the election of new Chairmen for ABYA – John Rodriguez – and YDSA – Martin Pittilo – and our new President – Richard Lambert from Burgess. The new committee lists are now available on the website. The Resolution not to increase Fees and Subscriptions was passed as was the Resolution to include a Conflict of Interest/Confidentiality clause into the Associations’ Articles, which had formerly been present for Directors only under the YBDSA Articles.

Feedback from AGM and Training Day
Coming back from the YBDSA annual AGM and training session the day before, hosted at the very impressive RNLI College in Poole, we were all very pleased to see a well-planned and mutually beneficial session orchestrated by our own Mr Ryley. He managed to infuse surveyors and brokers in a task of 'how we can work together better'. I think all were slightly dubious, but with a task set, ties off and cuffs rolled, the inter-mingling actually cleared the air and we all came away meeting new Members and having a much better understanding of each other’s tasks and how to work better together. It was clear to see that the professional of YBDSA Members, really aren't struggling too much with working together, but the outside world of brokers and surveyors who are not Members and not performing to a high professional standard, is where the conflicts of interest happen. This ultimately creates issues with the paying clients and sets us back. Lesson learned, we can make the process go smoother with better understanding of each other’s roles.

There were sessions about transportation and the paperwork involved, photography methods and much more. We all came away learning something.

The evening was as enjoyable and we found a new currency for table etiquette in the shape of a crushed grape decanter – aka the wine bottle or two and with that oiling the cogs, I have not seen so many brokers and surveyors getting on so well.

The YBDSA is a fantastic organisation giving one the ability to air ones views and make the common practice of what we do a more professional environment, offering great training sessions that help elevate our professionalism both internally and to the greater public; i.e. the clients which intern will benefit us in more sales.

We should all as ABYA Members show more commitment to the training seminars and I encourage you to use the facility of ABYA to its fullest. The work ABYA has done is a real credit and something we should be proud of, even if you don't know what they do fully, now is the time too. Please do visit the website and log in where there is a wealth of information that will help. Jane and her team at the Glassworks are a world of information and always happy to help.

Mike Wedge
Ancasta Boat Sales Brighton

Fellowships were awarded to Duncan Saunders and Jonathan Milton, and also to Mike Carter who served as IWG Chairman for 10 years and continues to be a stalwart of the inland waterways and Norther Forum, and to Peter Hallam, our sole representative in Northern Ireland from 1989 until 2011 (when Joe McCollam joined us). We wish Peter well in his retirement. Honorary Memberships were awarded to Marcus Munt who had moved out of Brokerage, having been ABYA Chairman, and to Neil Edden who has been a Member since 1972, and was instrumental in setting up our Certifying Authority.

The YDSA’s Leslie Oliver Award was presented to Mandy Bruce – this is for the most improved surveyor during the year.

Our sincere thanks go to Duncan Saunders, who stepped down as President; Jonathan Milton, YDSA Chairman;  as well as to Anthony Byrde who stepped down from 13 years on the YDSA committee, and to John Ross for his service to the YDSA committee.

Members were interested and concerned at the point made by Craig White, our IT consultant, about the changes to Data Protection requirements following the Edward Snowden case in the USA.

Information stored on US servers will not have the required level of confidentiality required by EU legislation, so systems such as Dropbox, which is hosted on US servers may not be used unless encrypted. We are looking at options including encryption software.

Other EU-based systems may well come forward very soon to fill this vacuum in the market. Craig’s complete IT report can be found here

We have new electronic feedback forms which will be sent to you after an event. It really helps us to deliver what you want from your associations if you give us your honest feedback. They are very simple – honest!

The Glass Works will be closed from 24 December and re-open on 4 January. We wish you all a pleasant and restful (yes – turn off those mobile phones!) Christmas and New Year!

Jane Gentry
Chief Executive Officer of YBDSA, ABYA and YDSA

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