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YBDSA Newsletter April 2016

Welcome to the April issue

The world seems full of uncertainty and strife at the moment and I hope that isn’t reflected in your businesses. Brexit continues to fill our news, one way and the other. I have spoken with a number of brokers over the past month or so, most of whom are selling quite well, although all report that clients, particularly buyers, are difficult. YDSA and ABYA committee Members continue to discuss the nature of buyers these days – many are new to boating and struggle to understand that some defects found in a survey don’t affect the overall condition and that they are buying a used boat which won’t be perfect.

The psychology of seeing a report with a huge list of defects at the end is deflating for an excited buyer. So we are urging surveyors to separate out their lists into important and other, often cosmetic, items. A couple of surveyors have piloted this and it has made the sale a much better experience for the buyer and thereby the other parties to the sale.

Many Members will have been saddened to hear of the death of Ed Dubois on 24 March. He had been a cornerstone of the yachting industry for many years and will be sadly missed. He had many friends within the YBDSA Membership.

As you will see further on in newsletter, the ABYA and YDSA Large Yacht Groups are now launched and the committees are working on plans on how we can help you, our Members, on issues relating to this sector of the industry. If you have any ideas for the new groups, do please let us know. We are dipping our toes in the water by having a small stand at the Prestige Show in London 4-6 May – this show is for large yachts, jets and prestige cars and will be a different experience for many of us!

The Membership invoices will be on your desks by the time you read this, together with a request for your PI Undertaking. Please just send Kay the Undertaking – we don’t need a copy of your PI insurance. Subs and PI Undertakings are due by the end of June, as required by the Articles of Association. After that we will have to take your listing down from the website as you will not have a current Membership!

Finally, it is the end of the three-year cycle for CPD in November so please let Kay know of any events you want included for points to save us chasing you in October. We keep a note of anything ABYA/YDSA, but we don’t know what else you do!

Thank you to all Members who participate in committees, conferences, and other activities for the Associations – we really appreciate your dedication and support. If you would like to get more involved, please let me know. We know you are all busy, but the participation of Members so we provide what you want is vital. Best Wishes.

Jane Gentry
Chief Executive Officer of YBDSA, ABYA and YDSA

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